Dasi B Hair Extensions Bio

“Hairdreams and Hotheads are the ultimate in quality, look and feel. They produce consistent and glamorous results. In 2004, I became a certified Hair Dreams extension specialist. For over six years I traveled extensively across the U.S. training other salons.  I discovered Hotheads a few years ago and my clients love the results.  No head is created equal, so there isn’t one generic method of applying extensions that will work for everyone. Some people’s hair is best suited for individual bonded, and for others, tape is the best option. That’s why consultations are so important, to determine the best possible method for your hair.
I am very passionate about hair extensions. What else can give such an immediate and gratifying transformation. No more waiting to grow out a hair style you don’t like; you can cheat time and genetics. A lot of woman have hair that won’t grow beyond a certain length; it breaks or frizzles out to a few tattered strands (my own hair included). Extensions have given me great confidence and I have watched them do the same for countless others.  Come in for a complimentary consultation and take the first steps toward having the hair you’ve always dreamed of!”
Hair Extension Application

Hair Dreams is the leading “single strand application” hair extension company.

Hair Dreams is a keratin and nylon-based bonding material, no glues or plastics or weaves, so hair is not weakened by the process or wear of extensions. By applying a gentle heat, the bond becomes pliable, which can then be molded to form a solid bond that will remain in your hair until it is removed professionally.

Hair Dreams extensions are made with the finest 100% human hair from Europe. Once applied, the extensions last an average of three to five months. The average application time for a full head of extensions is only 2 1/2 hours!

dasi b hair dream extensions
Hair Extension Application

TRUMATCH offers an unparalleled 100% real human hair extension experience by matching hair texture and color to exacting standards. It’s time to say goodbye to over-processed, fake-looking hair and buy real human hair extensions that move and feel exactly like your own hair.