10 Sep Making the Cut

In September 2015 I tried out for a hair competition called “Making The Cut”, a live hair styling competition. This event features live hair cutting and styling on stage performed by leading stylists, a live hair and fashion show, and a renowned judging panel comprised of industry elite.

When I found out that I was one of five finalists I started to get crazy nervous. So much pressure! Twenty minutes to do a live hair cut on stage in front of an audience of 500+ people, ummm what?! That was only one element of it, I needed to prepare 4 models total and put together a fashion show to display my hair collection. How the hell was i going to do that?! I didn’t even know where to begin.

I started brainstorming with one of my closest friends Maria Valdez, we went back and forth for a few hours, and then boom! Inspiration hit! This is a creative competition. For my twist on that, I thought it would be really beautiful for the creative to be something glamorous and innovative, that looks like the future. Let the ‘wow’ come from the innovation, not from the cheesy over the top theatrics. I decided the best way to execute that was an army of gorgeous red heads decked out in futuristic plastic clothes and modern mod make-up.

Maria was in for applying the make-up looks and assisting me with the hair. Now all that was left to check off was wardrobe and there was only one person I could think of for that, my good friend Jasmine Vo. The woman I looked to for any sort of fashion or design advice. We met up for a drink and as I pulled up images Jasmine started sketching up a few concepts. Some how she was able to pull the inspo from my mind and create a collection I was completely blown away by. In less than a week she hand-sewed four different gorgeous couture skirts, made from plastic pvc that she bought from home depot!

I was getting super excited, I hadn’t ever done anything like this before and was ready to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I felt such an overwhelming amount of love and support that night. Something I will never forget. People I knew and didn’t know were screaming my name, because of something I created. A truly surreal and incredible feeling. They were screaming so loudly in fact that the host had to ask if I brought fans with me. To which I had to reply that I brought a posse, the “Dasi posse” a nickname a group of my clients had given themselves a while back, that was just too good not to share. I found all my models through a facebook group that I belong to called “inspired women of los angeles”. Those women were amazing. There was so much prep and work that went into this, and not one of them complained for a second. All had such loving and positive attitudes are were so happy to be a part of my vision.

It was a really special day, one that I will always remember. I placed first runner up, not too shabby for my first competition! My biggest gift from MTC was a new view of what I am capable of, and the validation, love, and support, from colleagues, friends and strangers. I feel an immense appreciation for my creative team, volunteered models, and all the time everyone put into this day to support my vision.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the show, promoted me on social media, and most importantly believed in me when all I had to start with was an idea.